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Appoint a Social Media Champion  

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Champions in converting AUDIENCE INTO CUSTOMERS 

Having a social media champion within your organization can heavily impact the success of your business's social media campaign.  Whether this champion is you or someone you delegate, the individual should take ownership of the day-to-day running of the social media campaign, both externally in terms of engaging with customers and internally in terms of getting other employees in the business on board with the campaign. Having a champion in also a good way of ensuring constant monitoring of your brand's reputation, so that swift action can be taken where necessary (for example, in the case of a negative review on a reviews website). Overall,a social media champion's main duties should include :
Engaging regularly :  The champion should ensure that there is regular activity by your business on whatever social media channels it's using. For example, a champion would ensure that content is regularly added to your company's Facebook page, and that updates are posted to Twitter each day.
Selling internally : A social media champion can help sell the idea of a social media campaign internally, such as by publicizing successes on an internal blog or by giving presentations that contain examples of the strategy in action and what effect it's having on the company as a whole. The champion should also be responsible of tracking the impact your social media efforts have had on the business, such as an increase in traffic to the company's website as a result of using Twitter to market it 
Coordinating employees' personal social media activities: nowadays most employees engage with social media on some level personally, for example via a Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace page, a personal blog, or a Flickr account. A social media champion can coordinate this independent activity by integrating the social activity of the business and the employee: in this way, you can spread the word about your brand throughout those employees' own circles of influence. For example, if you've uploaded new content to your Facebook page, you could ask employees to mention it on their own Facebook accounts. Or, if you post articles on Digg, you could ask your employees to vote for articles you've posted.

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