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A well-organized, planned and executed Inbound Customer Service operation is invaluable to the long-term growth of your business, with good customer service being essential to building brand recognition and reputation. CCG can serve as your outsourced customer service agent in a number of ways to enhance your bottom line.
Outbound Programs are highly effective across a range of applications that fall into three basic groupings - Sales, Customer Service and Branding. These initiatives are only limited by your imagination, and CCG help you create outstanding, effective campaigns.

Customer Care
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Market Research
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Nominations and referrals
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Payment receipt Inbound
Customer Care
Technical Support
Market Research
Fulfillment support
Nominations and referrals
Up selling
Members services
Booking services







Outbound Sales Programs can be a highly profitable part of your business, and using Call Center Guru as an outsourced sales force can generate significant income at a reasonable cost. We use tele-sales in conjunctions with email and electronic or live surveys to generate interaction, leads, and sales.
General sales programs :
Have a great product or service? We can help create and run programs for you to boost sales and build business. Our purpose-trained staff making sales calls and confirming guest lists. Outbound Sales Programs are limited only by your imagination and include:

Welcome Calls    Up-Selling   Tele-Marketing   Cross-Selling   Activation Call Subscription     Sales & Re-activation    Event marketing

Membership Programs:
We are experts at membership card sales, but offer much more than simple sales calls. We can run these programs as a turn-key for our clients - pricing, benefits and conditions, discounts, collateral design and sourcing, artwork, membership packs, database development, marketing strategy and programs, and more.
Outbound programs are a great way to perform multiple functions with a single call, and can help gather additional information and feedback from both existing and potential customers. These include:
Market Research   Lead Qualification   Data Cleansing and Development
Traffic Generation   Referral generation and follow-up   Appointment Scheduling
Sales follow up

Strong branding programs lead to customer loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing and repeat business. Specially-trained operators handle these delicate functions:  
Follow up on comments/suggestions/complaints   Customer Care - follow up to purchase  Renewal/retention/repeat   Handling social media and other online comments SERVICES
CCG can act as an outsourced manager of this large range of service-based activities that can include general enquiries, technical service and support, product information, warranty claims, and dozens of others.
Handling these calls properly provides an opportunity for positive branding.

Whether it's footballs or Barbie dolls, the redemption of prizes, coupons, or promotional products can be a headache and take up valuable staff time. Let CCG look after this for you. Handling these calls in the proper manner provides an opportunity for reinforcing brand values.

Handling Inbound calls provides a wonderful opportunity for both selling and up-selling. Great for creating special offers, advertised promotions, or online sales, our purpose-trained operators can convert a ringing phone into a ringing cash register. 

Why CCG? well lets start from:
As in this industry experience counts the most, CCG has more than 20 years behind its heavy weight existence.  Meaning that we take small things seriously because we know how to make a difference.  
This experience is utilized in virtually every client campaign at Worldwide. We are experts in the call center industry and are here to help you succeed.
We believe that your all efforts of finding solution of your problems ends here:
You have running call center? and it needs improvement? talk to us You need to setup a call center? talk to us
Your staff is not performing up to standards? no worries,

talk to us
You wish to outsource your service? we are the safest hands for you.
The turnover is very high in this industry, hiring new staff and maintaining old is quite a challenge, Talk to us 

This is our forte, we have best fresh worldwide database for outbound call center services.